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Our Instructors

Pyung Kwang Jah Nim Marlin A Godfrey (5th Degree Master Instructor)
Owner WKSA of Capitol Heights & Dunkirk


PKJN Marlin started his Kuk Sool training in the summer of 1994 in Greensboro, NC, under the instruction of Sa Bum Nim (4th Degree) Dr Eugene Upshaw and Pu Sa Bum Nim (3rd Degree) Steven Hurley (Now PKJN; promoted to Master in 2011).  It was during his first Kuk Sool class that he knew he had found his Martial arts home.  "I was completly overwhlemed by how much martial arts everyone knew.  The forms were beautiful and you could see the combat.  They did these incredible joint locks and throws and then they did weapons (staff and sword)."  


PKJN Marlin moved to Washington, DC in 1998 and during his first Black Belt test, was invited by Kuk Sa Nim, 10th Degree Grand Master and founder of Kuk Sool, to come to Houston, TX so he could be taught how to teach Kuk Sool and open up a Kuk Sool franchise in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


While at Headquarters, PKJN Marlin cleaned the dojang every morning then worked out with the morning class.  He then went through a solo belt test conducted by SBN Lee and graded by Kuk Sa Nim.  After lunch and a nap, PKJN Marlin would study the text books for a hour then work as an assistant instructor during the 4 hours of evening classes.  PKJN Marlin was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt on November 21, 1998 and began teaching Kuk Sool upon his return to DC.


Pu Sa Bum Nim Darren Fulmore (3rd Degree)

Owner WKSA Laurel

PSBN Darren Fulmore has been practicing Kuk Sool Won™ since 2005 when he decided to stop being a spectator and join his daughter who had started KSW two years earlier.  His main goal at the time was to get into better shape and have  a shared family activity.  

His favorite form is Goh Gup Hyung and he really likes the Too Ki and Dee Eui Bok Soo Technique sets.  PSBN Darren gets the opportunity to demonstrate his enthusiam for Kuk Sool when the Kuk Sool Won™ of Washington DC Area performs demonstrations at special community events. 

Shortly after becoming a 1st degree black belt, he volunteered his time assisting PKJN Godfrey and SBN Moore in both instructor's Children's and the Adult Programs.  After promotion to 2nd Dahn, PSBN Darren was granted permission to open his school, becoming the instructor for the Kuk Sool Won™ of Laurel Maryland, teaching the next generation Kuk Sool Won™ black belts. 

Sa Bum Nim Russell Moore (4th Degree) 

Owner WKSA Washington, DC


SBN Russell is a native Washingtonian, married and proud parent of three. He began his Kuk Sool training in 1999, following a long recovery after being hospitalized for a year. Determined to get back in shape he began training in Kuk Sool Won™ (KSW), and quickly advanced to the position of 4th Degree Black Belt under the tutelage of Kwahn Jahng Nim(KJN) Marlin.  He would travel with KJN Marlin 4 days per week and workout/assist with 3 -5 classes each day.

A one time financial planner, Sa Bum Nim Russell found the study of Kuk Sool so exciting that he decided to become a teacher and went through the rigorous daily training that it would take, eventually giving up his full time corporate positon to dedicate his energies to the study and teaching of Kuk Sool Won.

Now Chief Instructor of the Washington, DC & Northern VA Area, Sa Bum Nim Russell says “It is an incredible feeling helping students of all ages reach their goals.” Sa Bum Nim Russell maintains a high level of dedication to the art of Kuk Sool Won™ and is currently training to become a 5th Dahn (Master).

Kyo Sa Nim Andrew Eason (2nd Degree)

In 2008 KSN Andrew embarked on his Kuk Sool career.  

"Kuk Sool Won™ immediately challenged me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. This caused me to sign up for life. In 2009 I decided that becoming a black belt and eventually owning my own school was my dream, and with the help of Pyung Kwan Ja Nim Marlin Godfrey, I set out to realize those dreams.


I am now a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Kyo Sa Nim, with multiple Grand Champion awards as a black belt competitor. Kuk Sool has changed my life profoundly and I look forward to having the same impact on our students."


Pu Sa Ba Nim Meghan Ballard (3rd Degree) 


PSBN Meghan started training in Kuk Sool Won in 2006.  She always wanted to study a martial art and decided on Kuk Sool Won™ because it is so comprehensive.  "It includes everything from pressure points, joint locks, and throwing techniques to meditation, weapons, and falling techniques.  There is always something more to learn and I plan on continuing learning for the rest of my life."


"Upon promotion to 1st Degree in 2008, I was given a truly unique opportunity to work as an assistant instructor under Pyung Kwahn Jahng Nim Marlin Godfrey.   The experience has truly shaped me as a person and has given me an edge on all my college and job applications.  Even today as an occupational therapist, my nine years of experience as a martial arts instructor still impresses my employers."


PSBN Meghan goes on to state " I would not be where I am today without Kuk Sool Won™.  I also would not be alive today without Kuk Sool Won™.  I have had to use my training to save myself from sexual assault and abduction on multiple occasions.  I am very grateful I have the skill set to defend myself thanks to my training.  I always make sure my students know the practical applications of Kuk Sool Won™ as well as the joys of learning and constantly challenging themselves to be better. 


 Kyo Sa Nim Jordin Marshall (2nd Degree)



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