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About Us

Here at Kuk Sool, we offer a varity of programs for Children, Adults and Families.  We have After School Programs and Camps to meet all of your families' needs.  Here is a quick overview of the kinds of programs we offer.

  Children, Adults, Families

Ages 3 and Up


Our Children's programs are fun yet challenging. They are geared towards helping kids boost their Self-Esteem. The fitness will help with Weight Control.  The foundation of our curriculum is to increase Self-Discipline and Respect.  


Our Adult classes are explosive and dynamic. We focus on Mohm Puhl Ki (Body Opening Excerises) and Self-Defense which helps boost



The Mohm Puhl Ki portion of the class increases your Strength and Endurane which increases your overall Fitness and aids in Weight Loss.


Kuk Sool is a family art form and was passed down for centuries by the Suh family.  We offer several options for families.  We believe "The Family Who Kicks Together, Sticks Together."



      After School Program

Ages:  5 and Up


Pick Ups

We will pick up your child from their school at the time of dismissal. 


When the students arrive at our school, they change into their uniforms and then are taken through a hour long class and taught the World Kuk Sool Association curriculum.


Program Outline


1:30-4pm                  School Pickups


4-5pm                       Kuk Sool lesson


5-5:15pm                   Snack


5:15-6pm                   Homework



Days:  Monday-Friday


Time:  1:30p.m. – 6:00p.m.  


                 Camps                                  Ages 5 and up


We offer Camps during Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.


All of our camps follow the same general guidelines.  Summer Camps are focused more on Kuk Sool instruction and curriculum.  We take field trips once per week.  During the Winter and Spring Break Camps we allow time for homework/study.


Our Summer Camp is a fun filled, highly energetic program.  Each day we work on the basic kicks, punches and falling principles.  We then focus on one aspect of Kuk Sool to better master its application.  Monday we focus on forms and punches.  Tuesday the focus is on Techniques and Kicks.  Wednesday is our field trip day.  For field trips we select Beaches, Water Parks, and Museums.  Thursday our focus is on Sparring and Grappling.  Friday is our (in house) "Fun Day" where we play games and have contests designed around the skills we have practiced all week.

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