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Looking toward the future, and some STRETCHING TIPS!

Hey everyone, the website is undergoing some changes right now so bare with me as I'm fixing and changing things around! Among those changes is the GOOGLE CALENDAR! I want everyone that has google to add this to your own personal calendars! This is being updated as well, but I have so far added the events through February and a little of March. The dates for the Spring Break Camp are up, as well as the dates for Day Camps for those that need when schools are closed!

On DAY CAMPS! We are now offering day camps when schools are closed, this is something we previously did not offer but this year is different, so new exciting things are coming!


It's no secret that when you stretch, you're more malleable when you're warm! However, it's not good to workout until you've stretched a little bit. So.............

Warm Up Stretching - When you're getting warmed up it's important to not OVERSTRETCH first thing. All you're trying to do is get loose. Go a little bit to the point you feel the stretch but do not try and "hit the floor."

Stretch While You Work Out - Going through a tough workout, take some time to breath and stretch before continuing on. This will help with overall flexibility.

Cool Down Stretch with Breathing - With the cool down stretch, it's important to control that rapid breathing and focus on the in for three - out for three. (See how I snuck ki breathing in there!) Now's the time to go for gold. Really push yourself because you should be good and hot reducing the risk of you overstretching and hurting yourself. Hold each stretch for 5-10 breaths and stretch for a good 10 - 15 minutes.

Work out and practice two to 3 times like this a week and you'll be good to with your flexibility in no time!

KSN Andrew

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